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Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Home Elevator by PVE


When searching for a Residential Elevator in 2021, homeowners often seek a home lift solution that fits their projects requirements and needs. When compared to traditional elevator solutions on the market, Home Elevators by PVE offer a number of innovative features that benefit the homeowner while not impacting the structural integrity of the home. From an elegant design to an ease of installation, home elevators by PVE will enhance the value of one’s home without the consuming footprint, maintenance requirements or energy consumption of traditional residential elevators.


Stylish & Elegant

Our home elevator lifts offer a panoramic design with 360 degree visibility while traveling. These elegant Home Elevators provide an infinite amount of design possibilities for any architects, designers or home builders seeking to complement the aesthetics of a residence by contributing a home elevator that is unique, stylish and attractive.


Space Saving

Home Elevators by PVE do not require a pit (hole) on the bottom floor or above the top floor for the elevator to be installed. Our residential elevators rest on the existing ground floor offering an ease of installation. Other elevators require additional spaces for heavy operating machinery. Not only are Home Elevators by PVE less messy, but with three models to choose, offer a smaller footprint than traditional home elevators.


Fast Installation

With minimal pre-construction requirements, Home Elevators by PVE offer an ease of installation and have been known to be installed in as little as 2 – 3 days. Not requiring a pre-construction shaft, pit or machine room for operation, these plug & play elevators simply plug into your wall using a 220 volt outlet and do not need any harmful oils, gases or lubricants for operation. These innovative features reduce the aggravation a homeowner encounters when installing traditional elevators which often require labor intensive construction sites.


Minimal Maintenance

Home elevators by PVE when installed and operated properly by the end user, require almost no maintenance. Fully certified in all 50 states of the US and in 90+ countries globally, the only scheduled maintenance for the residential elevators by PVE is to service the seal located above the elevator cabin which should be serviced after 15,000 lifts or roughly 5 years of operation. As opposed to a traditional elevator that requires constant monitoring, oil/gas changes and yearly check-ups which can be costly over time.


Multitude of Options

From solar powered, green energy packages to smart home integration, Home elevators by PVE offer a multitude of options and upgrades that are in the forefront of contemporary technology. From placing the machinery on top of the unit to placing the machinery in a remote area, home elevators by PVE have a variety of machinery solutions to fit your projects requirements and needs. From automatic door openers (PVE52 model) to a cabin folding seat option (PVE37 model), home elevators by PVE is the ultimate vertical solution for any retro-fit or new construction project.

Buying a Home Elevator Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose buying a Home Elevator by PVE?

As the world’s only air-driven home elevators, Home Elevators by PVE are elegantly provide accessibility and enhance the value of your home while requiring much less construction, space, energy and maintenance when compared to traditional home elevators and/or home lifts. Using Pneumatic Technology to generate lift, these self-supporting, panoramic elevators offer homeowners an eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing solution for any retro-fit or new construction project. Manufactured in Miami, Florida USA, Home Elevators by PVE can travel 2 – 5 stops or 50 feet (15m) in total rise and are commonly installed in as little as 2 -3 days.

How much does buying a home elevator cost?

Given that every home elevator is custom built for each project, the total cost of the buying a home elevator can vary depending upon a number of factors. Those factors can include, but are not limited to: Elevator model chosen, Number of stops, Total-floor-to-floor height, Upgrades chosen, Shipping, Complexity of Installation and Taxes specific to your state. Given that each Vacuum Elevator is custom built to the home, a site-visit is often needed where a local Sales Representative will visit the residence to assist with finding an installation location and gathering all the information needed to provide a formal quotation.

Have more questions on buying a home elevator?

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Celebrating 20 years in business, Home Elevators by PVE have over 550 authorized distributors worldwide with over 20,000 successful installation globally. When it comes to retrofitting a lift inside an existing residence, the home elevators produced by PVE are second to none. Contact us today to locate the closest authorized dealer to your residence and received a free in-home consultation to see if these elevators are right for your project and needs!

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