Home Elevator for Marine

Home Elevators For Marine Applications

Home Elevator for Marine

Certified for both residential and marine applications, these innovative home elevators are ideal solutions for any yacht or multi-level vessel in need of additional accessibility to upper floors. Recently showcased that the 2021 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, these self-supporting, space saving elevators have become more common place in vessels and multi-level yachts across the globe as they offer a wide variety of benefits and features not found on any other product on the market. Powered by the most abundant resource in the world, AIR, these state-of-the-art elevator use pneumatic technology to create lift which offers a smooth and environmentally friendly experience.

Residential Elevator For Marine

Easy to install in both retro-fit and new construction projects, home elevator by PVE have minimal pre-construction requirements which offers an easy to install solution for yacht designers and owners seeking an additional means to their upper levels. An aesthetically pleasing addition to any project, the circular design of these home elevators offer a unique panoramic experience that is second to none. Manufactured in the USA, these safe and reliable lifts are fully certified with each elevator pre-assembled and safety tested at our factory prior to the installation ensuring the highest quality & safety standards.

Able to travel up to 5 stops or 50 feet in total rise, these innovative home elevators are custom built to the floor-to-floor height of the vessel while simply resting on the existing floor. As long as the floor is level, the elevator can simply rest on the ground as no pre-construction shaft, pit or machine room is required for operation. With three sizes available, ranging from a single passenger to a three passenger wheelchair accessible model, there is a solution to meet your vessels special requirements and needs. Our PVE30 Home Elevator + PVE37 Home Elevator models are both 30” & 37” inches in total exterior diameter meaning they occupy minimal space on board.

Marine Elevator Application

This offers a lot more flexibility with where these lifts can be installed. Offering a panoramic view with 360 degree visibility while traveling, these self-supporting elevators provide a smooth ride while passengers are able to experience the ocean views during operation. With minimal maintenance required, these eco-friendly elevators do not require any harmful oils or lubricants for operation which makes them easy to maintain as per their certification, the first scheduled maintenance is every 5 years or after 15,000 lifts. With over 550 authorized distributors worldwide in over 90+ countries globally, captains are able to dock at ports across the globe and contact PVE directly to see if a local distributor in that area can service their elevator.

Installing A Marine Elevator

More involved than tradition home elevator projects, PVE has been installing elevators in yacht & marine applications since the companies inception in 2002. With dozens of yachts across the globe including our air-driven home lifts, PVE is actively involved with each marine application as we service those projects factory direct. Overseeing installations worldwide, PVE is able to make modifications and customizations for yacht and marine applications that aren’t normally feasible for residential projects as many vessels have shorter floor-to-floor heights due to their design. Whether placing the machinery directly above the unit (Standard Mount) or remotely locating it (Split-Unit), these space-saving home elevators offer a variety of machinery solutions to meet your projects heights and needs. With six different exterior finishes available, choose a color to compliment the interior design of your vessel. With a variety of options & upgrades, yacht owners can have the worlds most innovative elevator inside their vessel, elevating their standard of living while navigating the seas.

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