Foundation of Home Elevators

Founded in 2002 – Home Elevators by PVE is the inventor and sole manufacturer of the world’s only Air-Driven Home Elevator (Pneumatic Elevator).

Powered by the most abundant resource in the world, AIR, our residential elevators are innovative, space-saving home lift solutions that have revolutionized the way people and
goods are transported vertically in their homes.


Using Pneumatic Technology® to generate lift, these self-supporting, panoramic elevators smoothly move between floors while requiring much less space, energy & maintenance when compared to traditional elevators. With three models to choose from, ranging from a single passenger to a three passenger wheelchair-accessible model, our home elevators simply rest on the existing ground floor, offering an ease of installation while providing an aesthetically pleasing solution for both retro-fit & new construction projects.

Manufactured in Miami, Florida, USA, PVE is an innovative, technology driven company that thinks outside of the box, having our customers always in mind and our engineering capabilities second to none. Utilizing materials and components of the highest
quality available, Home Elevators by PVE’s unique design is based around our patented technology and PVE is proud to manufacture fully certified, safe and reliable
home elevators for use worldwide.

With over 20,000 successful installations in over 100 countries, PVE has customers and authorized distributors across the globe, ensuring all end users the best quality of installation and service.

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