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Introduction To Home Elevators By PVE

PVE is the creator and sole builder of the only air-driven elevator in the world. Our home elevators utilize novel technologies, durable material and artistic architecture to furnish a low maintenance, vertical mobility solution that is engaging, secure, and efficient. PVE elevators are unique and there is nothing that comes close to its all around home elevator solution anywhere in the world.

If you are interested in our home elevators, but are not exactly clear where to begin, the following is a summary of our three award winning residential elevator models:

three models of home elevators

PVE30 – Home Elevator

The PVE30, our smallest home elevator, is actually the smallest home elevator in the world! It has a lift capacity of up to 350 pounds. It’s diameter is 30 in. hence why we call it the PVE30.

PVE37 – Home Elevator

Our next model, the PVE37, is a 2 passenger home elevator with a lift capacity of up to 450 pounds. An optional seat that fits inside the cabin provides extra comfort and convenience. The PVE37 residential elevator is 37 in. in diameter.

PVE52 – Home Elevator

Our largest model elevator, the PVE52, has a lift capacity of up to 525 pounds. The PVE52 is completely wheelchair accessible and can fit up to 3 passangers. The complete exterior diameter is 52 11/16th inches.

In both their functionality and operation our home elevators are eco-friendly and all 3 elevators can be configured up to 5 stops. Our home elevators are perfect for a retro-fit since then can be placed virtually anywhere in the home without having to do any major construction. Also, a residential elevator by PVE can be installed in just a couple of days.

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