Residential Elevator Home Installation

Home Elevators Benefits and Solutions

When seeking additional accessibility in ones home, people are often seeking an easy to install, stress free solution to meet their mobility needs. Whether they are shopping for a home elevator system or a stairlift, cost is just one of many factor in deciding which mobility solution is right for them. Re-sale value of your house is paramount, as well as construction requirements and space requirements when choosing to make your home accessible.

The ideal accessibility solution is one which matches all your home elevator requirements: Cost effective, aesthetic appealing, safety tested, space-saving solution which can help you gain full access to your residence.Home-Elevator-System

While products like stairlifts can appeal to those who are limited with their budget, experience has shown it can often be a hindrance in the resale value of the home long term and not be the most appealing addition aesthetically to your residence. In many cases, people who choose to install a stairlift over a home elevator system are often recommended to remove the lift entirely to appeal to a more buyers, making their investment a short term gain.

Traditional residential elevators, whether they by hydraulic, winding drum or traction lift, can be an alternative solution, though the additional pre-construction requirements including shaft, pits and machine rooms can be greater than anticipated and add additional costs and loss of space when installing. In addition, annual maintenance requirements for traditional home elevators are often required, with changes in gases, oils and lubricants adding additional longer term costs to your home elevator investment. Traditional home elevators do not offer an aesthetic design to the home as they are simply installed in stacked closets which are hidden and out of sight.

Newly marketed Medical lifts have become available online, though they are often not fully certified and manufactured overseas making their products a potentially untested safety hazard which may cause issues over time. These new lifts have been known to be falsely advertised as a home elevators, often are limited to only 2-Stops and are not automatic, requiring constant pressure or holding of a button to use.Home Elevators Reasons

Thankfully, the world’s only Air-Driven Home Elevator, the Vacuum Elevator fits all your accessibility requirements and needs. As a space saving solution for any home, these innovative residential elevators do not require any pre-constructions shaft, pit or machine room to operate and are fully classified as a home elevator system. This cost saving feature saves the homeowner time and money with installation as the elevator simply rests on the existing ground floor. A self-supporting home elevator system operating on the most abundant resource in the world, AIR, the Vacuum Elevator has the flexibility of being installed almost anywhere inside the home in as little as 2-3 days while providing an automatic riding experience for the passenger.


With a panoramic design that offers 360 degree visibility, these home lifts offer an appealing aesthetic to any residence that is sure to capture the attention of guests and homeowners alike. With three models to choose from, ranging from a single passenger to a three passenger wheelchair accessible model, there is a Vacuum Elevator to fit any homes needs while occupying much less space than traditional home elevators. These affordable and elegant home lifts are not structurally bound to the home, offering the unique ability to be disassemble and re-installed in a separate location which is a feature not found in most home elevator systems.

Able to travel up to 5 stops or 50 feet in total rise, these plug & play elevators operate off a simple 220 volt power supply and do not operate using any harmful gases, oils or lubricants. As a result, maintenance requirements are minimal for these eco-friendly residential lifts as per its certification, the only recommended maintenance is after 15,000 rides. This is a vast departure from tradition home elevator systems as they often operate on a maintenance based business model as it applies additional costs over time to the homeowner.Residential Elevators For Home

Fully certified and safety tested by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers as well as Lift Institute, the vacuum residential elevator offers full safety features that have been tried and tested in over 90 countries around the world and in all major states and cities in the United States. With 17 years of experience as the only Air-Driven Home Elevator manufacturer worldwide, Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators has continued to push the capabilities of home elevators having successfully been installed their innovative lift systems in multi-level yachts, penthouses, condos, apartments and residences around the world.

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