Choosing A Residential Elevator

Choosing A Residential Elevator

Home Elevators have become a growing trend for homeowners, with more and more people looking to install a residential elevator to gain additional accessibility inside their homes. In addition to increasing your standard of living, installing a home elevator system has been known to increase the value of your home and attract more buyers when you finally decide to part ways with the home you love so dear. The importance of being able to “Age in Place” is paramount and installing a residential elevator is the most appealing option for both current and future residences in your home.

PVE30 Residential Elevator

With a variety of accessibility solutions available for any home, it can be difficult to decide which mobility solution is right for you and your home. Chair lifts are appealing for their cost saving and low price, but have a user experience that can be clunky and an aesthetic design that is far from attractive. Stairlifts also travel at a much slower speed than home elevators and are often physically uninstalled and removed once the homeowner is ready to sell their property. While the cost benefits upfront may be great, the long term investment in stairlifts are not that great.Home Elevator Costs

Medical lifts have become more common in the market place, attracting interest from home owners seeking a cheap solution but pose their own limitations and safety concerns. While often falsely advertised as a “Home Elevator”, these medical lifts do not meet all the benefits nor capabilities of a home elevator system, with some lifts on the market not fully certified nor properly approved for their safety features. Would you like to install an accessibility solution in your home that has not passed all the safety tests and requirements of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers? Often limited to only 2-Stops, these medical lifts can also require annual servicing and are known to have increased installation costs which are not highlighted during your initial conversations.Affordable-Residential-Elevator

Traditional home elevators are available in a variety of systems, including hydraulic, traction, and winding drum systems. While a traditional residential elevator is a more ideal alternative than a stair lift or medical lift, they do have their own requirements and limitations. Often requiring a shaft, pit and machine room to operate, traditional home elevators have increase pre-construction costs whish increase the costs and time required for installation. In addition, with these pre-construction requirements there are limited locations that a traditional residential elevator can be installed, particularly for retro-fit applications in existing homes. With a large footprint, most traditional residential elevator are hidden away in a room and do not add any aesthetic appeal to the residence. Often requiring harmful oils, gases and lubricants to operate, traditional boxed styled home elevators do require annual maintenance which can increase costs over time.Installed-Home-Elevators

The ideal mobility solution for any residence, whether the project be a retro-fit or new construction project, is a Vacuum Elevator system. Powered by the most abundant resource in the world, AIR, these innovative home elevators require no shaft, pit or machine room to operate. Meaning the elevator itself simply rest on the existing ground floor, decreasing installation time and costs associated with traditional residential elevators. With a panoramic design and 360 degree visibility, these air-driven home elevators have an aesthetic appeal not matched by other home lifts which is sure to catch the attention of homeowners and guests.

Air Driven Residential Elevators

Available in three different models, ranging from a single passenger to a three passenger wheelchair accessible unit, these self-supporting home elevators have the unique ability of being installed almost anywhere in the home without the consuming footprint often associated with home lifts. As a plug & play residential lift, these energy saving mobility solutions are eco-friendly with only gravity used for descent. With no harmful gases, oils or lubricants required to operate, there is very minimal maintenance required for a Vacuum Elevator with the only recommended maintenance after 15,000 rides. Able to travel up to 5 stops or 50 feet in total rise, these affordable and elegant home elevators can be installed in as quickly as 2-3 days and are fully certified by the society of mechanical engineers ensuring their safety features are tried and tested.


Manufactured in Miami, FL, Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators are a US based manufacturer that is innovating the way people and goods are transported vertically in a home. If you are seeking a fully certified home elevator system that is space saving, eco-friendly, aesthetically pleasing with minimal pre-construction requirements, than the Vacuum Elevator is the residential elevator for your needs.

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