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Affordable Residential Elevators – Easy-to-Install

When seeking an affordable home elevator for one’s home, often budget is a deciding factor for homeowners in choosing which home elevator is right for their needs. With more homeowners wishing to Age-in-Place, retro-fitting a residential elevator has become more and more common. Many homes were not designed for a home elevator which can make installing one seem like a daunting task for homeowners. Thankfully, our revolutionary affordable home elevators are designed with your interior in mind while offering a sleek, stylish and easy to install lift that will enhance the value of one’s home without the consuming footprint of traditional home elevators.

Affordable Home Elevator

Not requiring a pre-construction shaft, pit or machine room to operate, these innovative
residential elevators simply rest on the existing ground floor. While traditional home elevators have many construction requirements that can take weeks to modify, this unique feature of the affordable home elevator offers homeowners flexibility with where their home elevator can be installed inside their home. A self-supporting, free standing lift, these house elevators are plug & play and require only a 220 volt power supply to operate. This is roughly the same amount of electricity used in a washer and dryer. In addition, gravity is simply used for descent meaning electricity is only used during ascent making these environmentally friendly elevators.

Offering a panoramic view with 360 degree visibility while traveling between floors, these air-driven home elevators have a beautiful and elegant design that is sure to capture people’s attention. Many architects and builders incorporate the elevator to enhance the design of the home and attract prospective buyers. While the residential elevator appears to be made using glass, these space-saving lifts are manufactured using polycarbonate panels which is more durable and stronger than glass material.

Powered by the most abundant resource in the world, AIR, these home elevators operate using innovative Vacuum technology not found on any elevator on the market. Using the same principles of operation as the pneumatic tubes commonly used in banks, these air driven home elevators operation is based on the ascending push generated by the difference between the atmospheric pressure on the top of the car and the atmospheric pressure under the car. Turbines operating as exhaust fans are located on top of the lift and achieve the depression (vacuum) required for the elevator car to travel. This unique technology ensures that these residential elevators are environmentally friendly and do not require any harmful oils, gases or lubricants to operate.

Affordable Home Elevator – PVE30 ECO (Economical) Solution

Able to travel up to 5 stops or 50 feet in total rise, these home elevators are custom built to the height of your project. With three sizes available for homeowners to choose from ranging from a single-passenger, to a three-passenger wheelchair accessible model, there is a Vacuum Elevator to fit your home needs. As the world’s smallest residential elevator, the PVE30 is the ideal space saving solution for homeowners. With a total exterior diameter of 30” inches, this single passenger home elevator has a total lift capacity of 350 lbs and can fit in even the tightest spaces. If you have a 2-Stop application, the PVE30 Eco model is designed as an affordable home elevator solution. Offering the same benefits and features as the PVE30, the PVE30 Eco is the economical solution for those in need of a 2-level home elevator but are limited in budget and space.

As the first Vacuum Elevator developed in 2002, the PVE37 is the most popular home
elevator model. With a total exterior diameter of 37” inches, this affordable home elevator is still a space saving solution as it is only 7” inches greater than our smallest residential elevator model. while being able to transport 2 passengers or 450 lbs. In addition, the PVE37 affordable home elevator is the only model that offers a cabin folding seat as well as 90 Degree Door Configurations on the upper levels.

As the largest and only wheelchair accessible model, the PVE52 is the affordable home
elevator solution for those in need of a handicap accessible lift. Able to transport up to 3
passengers or 525 lbs, this wheelchair accessible and affordable home elevator is large enough to fit most full sized wheelchairs as well as an attendant inside. While larger than our two other home elevator models, with a total exterior diameter of 52” 11/16 inches, this panoramic affordable home elevator has a smaller footprint than most traditional home elevators on the market.

The unique features of these space-saving and affordable home elevators make them ideal retro-fit solutions for existing residences. With minimal pre-construction requires, the installation process for these house elevators is quick and easy. Some authorized installers have been known to install these residential elevators in as little as 2-3 days. In addition, if ever you were to move, these unique residential elevators can be disassembled and reinstalled in another home making them transportable elevators.

Manufactured in Miami, FL, Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators are made in the USA offering
the highest quality standards and using the best materials available. Fully certified for
residential, marine and stage applications, these eco-friendly home elevators are approved in all 50 states within the USA and in 90+ countries globally. Available since 2002, these residential elevators have successfully passed safety inspections and exceeded safety requirements around the world. With subsidiaries in Europe + India, Vacuum Elevators are an affordable and easy to install solution for anyone seeking additional accessibility in their residence.

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