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Powerful and Shaftless Home Elevators for Global Use in 2024


Looking for an easy-to-install shaftless home elevator that occupies minimal space inside your residence? Is a lift required for your retro-fit or new construction project? Not wanting to compromise the aesthetic or layout of your home in exchange for a residential elevator?

Thankfully, home elevators by PVE offer a shaftless home elevator. It can enhance the design of your residence while not requiring the same footprint of traditional residential elevators



With no pre-construction shaft, pit, or machine room required for operation, Home Elevators by PVE offers self-supporting, plug-and-play elevators that are quick and easy to install. Simply resting on the existing ground floor, these panoramic elevators have an elegant design that offers 360-degree visibility while traveling. These elevators’ beautiful designs will enhance the aesthetic of any home. With three models of shaftless home elevator to choose from, these space-saving elevators can be installed almost anywhere inside the home in as little as 2 -3 days. In addition, they have fewer construction requirements than other lifts on the market. That makes these shaftless residential lifts ideal for any retro-fit or new construction project.


For over 20 years, home elevators by PVE have remained the global leader in the use of air to lift people. Since being founded in 2002, PVE has been at the forefront of pneumatic technology while consistently offering safe and reliable home elevators for use worldwide. Our mission is to create home elevator solutions in which design and technology coincide. Where the utilization of attractive materials and the application of fundamental physics combine to produce an innovative & aesthetically pleasing elevator that enhances homeowners’ standard of living.


Headquarters in Miami, Florida, USA, home elevators by PVE are built using the highest quality material and production standards. Able to travel up to 5 stops or 50 feet in total rise, each home elevator is manufactured using an aluminum frame and polycarbonate panels. In the event of power failure while in operation, the Elevator Car will automatically descend to the lowest level and the mechanical door lock opens to allow the passenger to safely exit.



With subsidiaries across the globe, including offices in India & Europe, PVE is a global company. It can ensure all end users the best quality installation and service for their residential elevators. With over 20,000+ successful installations worldwide in over 90+ countries across the globe, these versatile elevator solutions can fit into even the tightest of spaces and offer flexibility of installation. These eco-friendly elevators go where other home elevators simply can not.

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Celebrating 20 years in business, Home Elevators by PVE have over 550 authorized distributors worldwide with over 20,000 successful installation globally. When it comes to retrofitting a lift inside an existing residence, the home elevators produced by PVE are second to none. Contact us today to locate the closest authorized dealer to your residence and received a free in-home consultation to see if these elevators are right for your project and needs!

Home Elevator Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Vacuum Elevator?

Vacuum Elevators uniquely harness abundant air as their power source. These plug-and-play elevators feature a sleek external shaft and a panoramic 360° interior cabin. Their operation relies on air pressure differentials for upward movement, using turbines as exhaust fans to create a vacuum. Controlled air reintroduction facilitates smooth descents via gravity. Since 2002, Vacuum Elevators have established themselves as safe, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing solutions, meeting global accessibility and architectural needs.

How safe is a shaftless home elevator?

PVE’s certified shaftless home elevator prioritizes safety for homeowners. Approved by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers in all 50 states and 90+ countries under the European Machinery Directive, PVE boasts 18+ years of market experience. In case of a power outage during operation, gravity ensures a gradual descent to the ground level. It allows passengers to exit safely.

What is the highest in travel you can go?

Custom built to the height of the home, Vacuum Elevators can travel up to 5 stops or 50 feet (15 m) in total rise.

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