Home Elevators – New Construction vs. Retrofit

When installing a home elevator there are traditionally two types of installations: a New Construction or Retrofit application.

New Construction Application

A new construction application is when a home is being newly constructed with the owners having decided in the design phase to implement a home elevator. This allows the architect, designers and contractors ample time to coordinate any pre-construction requirements and implement them into the original designs for the residence. This includes any shafts, pits or machine rooms required for the desired home elevator as well as coordinating any electrical outlets and space requirements needed for the home lift.

Retrofit Application

A retrofit application is when an elevator is added to an existing home or residence that is currently occupied or has been in use. Often times, these homes were not initially designed to support a home elevator and must be modified to accommodate any pre-construction and space requirements needed to accommodate their desired home lift.residential-elevator-new-construction-vs-retrofit

Benefits of Vacuum Elevators

Whether it’s a New Construction or retro-fit application, the Vacuum Elevator is the most versatile and affordable home elevator on the market. Requiring no shaft, pit or machine room, these Air-Driven home elevators occupy much less space and have fewer pre-construction requirements than traditional home lifts. With their self-supporting structure and 2-3 day installation, the Vacuum Elevator simply rests on the existing ground floor and can accommodate both through-floor and balcony mounted installations. These innovative home lifts can be placed anywhere inside the home, providing infinite design possibilities for any home owner while adding a centerpiece to any residence.

With their Plug & Play features, these environmentally friendly residential elevators require no harmful oils or lubricants to operate and have no annual maintenance. With three models to choose from, ranging from a single passenger to a three passenger, wheelchair accessible home elevator, there is a Vacuum Elevator to accommodate any home design or special requirements. As the ideal home elevator for any new construction or retro-fit application, the Vacuum Elevator can save you time, money and piece of mind as it as it elevators your standard of living.

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