HOME ELEVATORS Beautiful minimal remodeling


One of the most difficult elements of adding a home elevator to your existing house comes in the form of the construction and remodeling necessary to make room for the lift and ensure it functions correctly. Traditional elevator designs – those depending on pulleys, cables, pistons, and counterweights – need an enormous amount of space and require massive remodeling work. Installing a traditional elevator can take weeks and will dramatically change the interior of your home.

At PVE, however, we’ve created a better vertical mobility solution. OuHOME ELEVATORS Beautiful minimal remodelingr pneumatic vacuum elevators are completely self-contained and do not require a shaft or the addition of an entire room’s worth of equipment, which means that their installation won’t require huge changes to your home and can be completed quickly and efficiently. In fact, most of our home elevator installs can be completed in as few as two to three days. Our elevators require so little space and construction that we’ve even installed them on yachts.

Because our elevators rely on cutting-edge vacuum technology, there are no cables or weights involved in the system. Every PVE elevator features a stunningly-designed outer tube that provides for almost a 360-degree view and makes an attractive addition to any home. Our elevators are designed with safety and efficiency in mind, but we’ve also put an immense amount of effort into ensuring they are aesthetically pleasing. There is no better looking home elevator solution.

PVE is the inventor and manufacturer of the pneumatic home elevator. We’ve spent years perfecting our designs and have installed over 6,500 units to date. Opting for one of our pneumatic elevators over a traditional elevator design will ensure you end up with an energy efficient, visually appealing lift that won’t require months of construction or a dramatic overhaul of your current home floor plan.

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