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Home Elevator Smart Integration

Do you have a smart home device like Google Home or Amazon Alexa and are looking to take your smart-home automation to the next level? Luckily for you, Home Elevators by PVE is proud to announce our newest, state of the art smart-home integration feature for all 3 models of our Air-Driven Home Elevators. As the world’s only air-driven residential elevators, customers often highlight that our vacuum elevators look like they are from the future and now you can have your residential elevator fully integrated with your smart home devices bringing the future home!

Available for all 3 residential elevator models, the smart-home integration feature allows you to control your elevator by voice command and enables you to fully customize actions to any programmed sentence or phrase of your choosing. The feature is fully compatible with all smart-home devices and only requires that you download the eWeLink app to your smart-phone or tablet for set up. The eWeLink app gives you the freedom to easily integrate your Home Elevator with any smart home device, is available for download on Apple and Android app stores with set-up taking only minutes!

This innovative feature also comes with the added benefit of enabling you to turn your very own smartphone into a digital remote for your home elevator, giving you the ability to call your elevator up to specific floors without actually being physically at the elevator. Are you in a rush and want to make sure that your residential elevator is ready for you at a specific floor? Simply go on your smart phone, request the specific floor, and the elevator cabin will be ready and waiting for you to arrive. With our Smart Home Integration Feature, controlling your home elevator is that easy!

About Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators LLC: Founded in 2002, Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators LLC is the sole designer and manufacturer of air-driven elevators worldwide. Based in Miami, FL, USA, PVE is an innovative, technology driven company that has revolutionized how people and goods are transported vertically for Residential, Marine & Stage Applications. Certified in all 50 US States and 90+ countries globally, PVE proudly manufactures three different models of their air-driven home elevators, ranging from a single passenger to a three passenger, wheelchair accessible model.

To view an example of our new smart-home integration feature in action, please visit the video link below which showcases our PVE37 Home Elevator being fully controlled by smart-home devices.

For further inquiries about our PVE residential elevators and how you can use it to further automate your home, please feel free to fill out our information request form on our Vacuum Elevator website or call us directly at (305) 884-1091. 

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