Home Elevator Wheelchair Accessible

Wheelchair Accessible Home Elevators

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators, LLC manufactures the world’s Only Air-Driven Home Elevators. To meet the demand for a wheelchair accessible home elevator, PVE developed the PVE52, their three passenger home elevator. With a 52 11/16 inch outside the diameter, the PVE52 has a total lift capacity of 525 lbs and can travel up to 5 stops or 50 feet of total rise. With no shaft, pit or machine room, this self-contained home elevator still occupies less space and a smaller footprint than most traditional home elevators.Home Elevator Wheelchair Accessible

Available for residential, marine and stage applications, this innovative home elevator is available in 6 different colors and hasin-line and walk-through door opening options making it ideal for any residential, marine or stage application. As the largest of the three Vacuum Elevators, the PVE52 entrance opening is 37 inches which is large enough to roll a full size wheelchair. Inside the unit measures a roomy 43 ½ inches in diameter providing enough space for a person in a wheelchair with an attendant or for up to three adults to stand in comfort.

By using a vacuum pump to generate areas of higher and lower atmospheric pressure within the cylinder hoist way, the unit smoothly moves between floors while using much less energy than other home elevators. Requiring no harmful oils or lubricants to operate, this environmentally friendly home elevator only needs a 220 volt, 35 amp single phase power supply to operate, similar to the same amount of electricity used in a standard washer and dryer. That makes the PVE52 one of the only Plug & Play elevators on the market.

There are many options for a wheelchair-accessible elevator, but only the PVE52 Vacuum Lift gives you the space you need, the safety features you require, and a design that is second to none. Never has accessibility been so visually attractive

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