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Home elevators by PVE are extremely safe, featuring automatic controlled descent, doors controlled directly by the user, and even an emergency brake failsafe system. Safety is one of our top priorities when it comes to the design, installation, and use of our elevators. We are proud to build vertical mobility solutions that are appropriate for family homes. Our commitment is to building the safest and most beautiful vacuum elevators in the world.residential elevator children

That said, it’s important to set rules with your children when it comes to the topic of your new home elevator. Talking to them about elevator safety will ensure proper use of your lift and the safety of its users.

Elevators are not Toys

Upon installation of a home elevator, many children can’t wait to start playing in one. While PVE’s lifts are made to go thousands of trips without any maintenance need, it’s still smart to set rules for when the elevator can and cannot be used. It’s best to advise children to only use the elevator with permission from or supervision by adults.

Just in Case

PVE’s elevators are designed to gently lower the car and release passengers from the bottom stop in the event of a power outage. Such an event can still be frightening for your children, however, so it’s a good idea to talk them through the basics so they know what to expect should the house lose power while the elevator is in use. Talking through the elevator’s safety features will also help children feel more comfortable using the lift.

If you’re considering installing a home elevator in a residence with children, we are here to guide you through the lift’s safety points and some general thoughts on preparing children for the presence of such a novel new device in your home. For further information or inquiries please contact us at 855-PVE-LIFT or visit

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