residential elevator how long install


For many homeowners considering a residential elevator, the idea of time isn’t one that’s considered heavily. Features, safety, capability, and cost tend to be the main concerns, with buyers assuming that the installation process will take however long it takes and it won’t make much difference from elevator to elevator. However, when you start to measure the time and financial costs of installing a traditional lift compared to a pneumatic vacuum elevator, you begin to see immediate advantages.

Traditional Lifts

A traditional lift needs a lot of installation time. Your home will likely require significant remodeling to make room for the lift. With traditional elevator solutions often requiring pits to be dug, separate mechanical rooms, and other major renovations, it could take weeks or even months to go from start to finish on this type of vertical mobility solution. That’s an immense addition to the overall cost of the project, not to mention quite a bit of time to be dealing with construction crews and other inconveniences in your home.

Vacuum Elevators

PVE’s pneumatic vacuum elevators have no heavy machinery and do not require a great deal of remodeling. Their small silhouette ensures they fit in almost any room, and since they’re entirely self-contained and self-supported there is no additional construction to be done. Installation of a vacuum elevator can typically be finished within 2-3 days of the project commencing. That’s as quick and easy as it gets, requiring very little compromise from you and your family.

Vacuum lifts solve the same residential elevator problems, but do so in a more graceful and less intrusive manner. With a shorter install time, lower renovation requirement, and lower overall cost of maintenance, investing in a vacuum lift turns out to be much smarter than investing in a traditional elevator solution. For further information or inquiries please contact us at 855-PVE-LIFT or visit

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