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One of the most popular building trends today is the addition of a home elevator to one’s place of residence. Ask anyone who has taken advantage of this technology and they will tell you that they wonder why they have waited so long to realize what a convenience a home elevator has been to their lives. However, it is not a traditional run-of-the-mill home elevator that people will be raving about, but, instead, the pneumatic vacuum elevator. Homeowners across America are discovering that pneumatic home elevators are affordable, dependable, and sleek additions to any residence. In addition, they pay handsome dividends if a homeowner decides to sell his home at a later date. Without a doubt, the addition of a pneumatic vacuum elevator to any home is a worthwhile investment for the present as well as the future.home elevator investment

There was a time when adding an elevator to one’s home was fraught with difficulties and inconvenience. Home elevators were primarily forced upon homeowners due to the illness of a family member, or some other unavoidable reason. Since most people did not have the luxury of moving into a home with an elevator already built into it, they would need to disrupt the order of their residence and, usually, dig underneath the house to place the necessary mechanical structure for an elevator. Now a pneumatic elevator can be placed conveniently and easily within a home without the trouble of constructing anything additional to the house.

A vacuum elevator can be added to any multi-level home by simply placing its transparent pneumatic cylinder between floors. The cylinder is self-supporting and contains the elevator car and the suction assembly that controls it. Pneumatic home elevators are durable, yet portable. This portability allows homeowners to safely and quickly remove the elevator in the event they move and want to bring it with them to their new house. However, it is also a wise investment, in that it will boost the selling price of one’s home upon selling it. Since the average homebuyer is someone who will be mature and may be looking to the future, the accessibility features of a home elevator could prove indispensable for them.

Installing a pneumatic home elevator is also a good investment where old school home elevators are not. Aside from not having for construction, pneumatic elevators require less maintenance due to fewer mechanical parts. This will also be an attractive selling point to prospective home buyers. The amount of electricity used and paid for will be much less as well, because it needs very little to propel the car up, and none to bring it back down. Finally, the cost of the elevator eventually pays for itself in the frequent use you will get out of it, but also in how you will be able to add it to the price of your house when you sell it. The latest craze to hit home ownership in the last several years is not just a marketing fad which will lose its usefulness in a short amount of time, but vacuum elevators are decorative, functional, and a wise investment in your future. For further information or inquiries about our home elevators please visit www.VacuumElevators.com or contact us at 855-PVE-LIFT.

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