residential elevator green


At PVE, we’re proud to build cutting-edge lift technology designed to be safe, comfortable, and energy efficient. And while we’ve talked previously about how a vacuum elevator can save you money, it’s also important to us that our installation processes and core design philosophies reflect a greater care for the environment as well. Home elevators by PVE are truly a green lift solution.residential elevator green
Here’s a glance at how our elevators are a bit more eco-friendly than traditional vertical mobility technology:

Energy Use
Our elevators require no energy to descend and use very little to ascend. Vacuum elevator technology makes for the most energy efficient lifting mechanics of any home elevator application. This is good for your electric bill, of course, but also good for the environment as a whole. It is our goal to build the most energy-efficient lifts in the world.

The installation of a vacuum elevator creates very little waste because of the small footprint of the lift. Most construction can be completed within three days and we are able to install elevators without using large amounts of environment-damaging materials or creating piles of trash. We aim to have as little impact as possible on your home and our environment.

Vacuum elevators require no oils or lubricants, because there are no cables or pistons. No harmful products are needed to keep your vacuum elevator in top working condition. Additionally, the only part that requires replacing on your vacuum elevator (the main seal) lasts for up to 15,000 rides (4-5 years). This means minimal waste related to maintenance processes.

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