If you’re considering the addition of a residential elevator to your home, chances are good you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed sorting through all of the available options. There are traditional shaft/weight lifts, low-profile stair lifts, outdoor lifts, and our own pneumatic vacuum solutions. Since there’s so much to consider when it comes to picking the right residential elevator for you home, we’ve worked up a quick list of questions you can ask to help guide you to the right answer:

What’s the installation process?
Different lift solutions have different installation needs. Traditional weight and pulley elevators can take weeks or months to install and require massive home renovations. Our vacuum elevators can be installed in as little as two to three days with minimal changes to your home. Comparing and contrasting total renovation needs and construction times will help you narrow your search.Residential-Elevator-About

What are the energy costs?
You don’t just pay for a residential elevator when you purchase and install it. Elevators use considerable electricity and there’s no doubt you’ll notice a difference in your energy bill. Vacuum elevators manufactured by PVE use minimal electricity due to their reliance on air pressure over mechanics; traditional lift solutions use considerably more electricity. Consider these costs when studying your overall budget.

What are the space requirements?
Unless you have quite a bit of extra room in your home, space will be a major consideration when it comes to your choice in residential elevator. Traditional lift solutions can take up a large amount of space due to their reliance on lifts, pulleys, and other heavy equipment. Vacuum elevators require only as much space as the shaft occupies. Examine your floor plan carefully to understand the options available to you.

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