home elevator easy to install

Easy to Install Home Elevators

When choosing a Residential Elevator that’s right for your home and needs, one of the deciding factors for any prospective customer is where to place the home lift.

Fortunately, Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators offer a stress free installation process while providing an affordable home elevator that satisfies your every need. Using innovative vacuum technology to create the lift, the vacuum home elevator requires no shaft pit or machine room to operate. As a result, the installation process for these innovative residential elevators only takes 2-3 days to install. The unique design of PVE’s Air-Driven home elevators allows them to simply rest on the existing ground floor, without the need for additional support or excavation.home elevator easy to install

As a Plug & Play residential elevator, all 3 models of Vacuum Elevators only require a 220V 25-35 amp Single Phase power supply allowing them to consume much less energy than traditional home lifts. In addition, these innovative home elevators use gravity to descend and use almost no electricity for descent. As environmentally Friendly home elevators, Vacuum Elevators require no harmful oils or lubricants to operate and no yearly maintenance is required. The only required maintenance for these affordable home elevators is after every 15,000 rides.

With a panoramic design, the Vacuum Elevator can be installed in a through-floor or balcony mounted application while traveling up to 5 stops or 50 feet of total rise. For Balcony applications, a balcony band is wrapped around the home elevator to the balcony for additional stability and support. For through-floor applications, these self-supporting residential elevators only require a through-floor hole two inches great than the diameter of the elevator. These features provide infinite design possibilities for any architect or designer looking to install a residential elevator as these free-standing home lifts can be installed virtually anywhere inside the home.

By comparison, traditional home elevators occupy a lot more space in residences, requiring a shaft, pit and machine room to operate. In addition, the construction times for building a shaft and pit for traditional residential elevators can take months and cause many headaches along the way. Once installed, traditional home elevators typically require yearly maintenance and inspections to ensure the residential elevator is functioning properly, adding additional fees and costs.

With three models to choose from, ranging from a single passenger to a three-passenger wheelchair accessible home elevator, Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators are the ideal choice for any customer seeking a stress-free installation process for their residential elevator.

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