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Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators, the manufacturer of the world’s ONLY Air-Driven Residential Elevators, was recently featured in the August 2018 issue of Elevator World magazine, the world’s leading home elevator publication. Two of PVE’s residential elevator installations were included in their 2018 Photo Contest, which awards the best home elevator photos in the world. As voted by the commercial and residential elevator community, two of PVE’s Vacuum Elevators were awarded Third Place and Honorable Mention, with each billed as one of the most exciting residential elevator installations of 2018.Residential Elevators Best

For Third Place, the Residential Elevator community chose a photo of the PVE37, PVE’s two passenger home elevator, recently installed in a Colorado loft cabin earlier this year. In this installation, the self-supporting home elevator travels up 4 floors and beautifully compliments the homes designs and features. With a black exterior finish and opposite side door openings, this PVE37 installation takes up much less space than traditional home elevators. With home elevator costs varying depending on clients needs, Vacuum Elevators are affordable home elevators as they require no pre-construction shaft, pit or machine room making for a stress free installation. These compact home lifts also requires no harmful oils or lubricants making them one of the only environmentally friendly home elevators in the world.

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For Honorable Mention, the Residential Elevator community chose a photo of the PVE52, the three-passenger wheelchair accessible home elevator. Installed in a gorgeous home in Key Biscayne, FL, this 4-stop home lift is their largest vacuum elevator model, yet it still does not require any pre-construction shaft, pit or machine room to operate. This innovative home lift beautifully compliments the design features of the home while providing all the requirements for an affordable home elevator. With few pre-construction requirements and a 2-3 day installation process, this Wheelchair Accessible home elevator is price-competitive with other home elevator costs.

The home elevator community has spoken and chosen two Vacuum Elevator installation photos as their choices for Best Installed Residential Elevators of 2018. Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators looks forward to having our residential elevators featured in more publications in the future.

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