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Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators, the manufacturer of the world’s ONLY Air-driven home elevators, was recently announced as one of 5 finalists for Best Suppliers – Complete Systems in Elevator World magazines first awards program. “The Elevator Industry Awards”, presented by Elevator World, Inc., chooses its winners based on Votes from the commercial & residential elevator communities and PVE is humbled to be chosen for this prestigious category.


As one of 5 finalists in this category, PVE is the only Residential Elevator manufacturer to reach the finals. All other participants in this category do not manufacture home elevators and/or have chosen to stop their residential elevator divisions entirely. This makes PVE’s involvement in this category all the more pressing, as the growth and need for Residential Elevators continue to rise and we urge all our supporters, dealers and customers to vote for PVE home elevators in the competition.Home elevator awards

In addition, PVE is the only environmentally friendly elevator chosen for this category. Requiring no harmful oils or lubricants to operate, our innovative residential elevators are powered by the most abundant resource in the world… Air!

In addition, PVE is the only elevator manufacturer in the category that requires no shaft, pit or machine room to operate. With this space saving feature, our affordable Residential Elevators are cost-competitive with all other traditional home elevators, while the unique design and 360 degree visibility make them the sleekest residential elevators on the market.

As the only home elevator company in the category, Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators looks forward to seeing the results for “ The Elevator Industry Awards” as they hope to be the first Residential Elevator manufacturer to win the title of Best Suppliers – Complete Systems.

Residential Elevator Frequently Asked Questions

What is the highest in travel you can go with an air driven residential elevator?

Custom built to the height of the home, Vacuum Elevators can travel up to 5 stops or 50 feet (15 m) in total rise

Is a residential elevator by PVE made out of glass?

While Residential Elevators by PVE are panoramic, they are manufactured using Polycarbonate Panels and are not manufactured using glass. Polycarbonate panels are much lighter and stronger than glass panels, with an impact resistance approximately 200 times stronger than glass. Each one of the panels on the elevator can be replaced in the event that a panel is damaged, scratched, etc.

How much space is needed for a residential elevator?

PVE’s self-supporting home elevators require the least the amount of space and construction needed to install a home elevator. The requirements vary depending on the Vacuum Elevator model chosen and the type of application. With three models to choose from, each Vacuum Elevator model has a different exterior diameter. With Vacuum Elevator installations, there are 2 types of applications: through-floor and balcony mounted applications. For Through-Floor Applications, where the elevator will be traveling through the floor, the through-floor hole needs to be 2” inches greater than the exterior diameter of the elevator. For balcony Mounted applications, there needs to be the clear space to accommodate the exterior diameter of the elevator, and often a landing needs to be constructed to ensure ease of entry on the top floor. Speak with a PVE Sales Representative to verify the space needed to accommodate your desired Vacuum Elevator.

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Celebrating 20 years in business, Home Elevators by PVE have over 550 authorized distributors worldwide with over 20,000 successful installation globally. When it comes to retrofitting a lift inside an existing residence, the home elevators produced by PVE are second to none. Contact us today to locate the closest authorized dealer to your residence and received a free in-home consultation to see if these elevators are right for your project and needs!

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