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Wheelchair Lifts For The Home

Vertical Lifts For Wheelchairs

Wheelchair lifts are a common term to refer to devices that are used to transport wheelchairs between platforms. There are two common types of wheelchair lifts for the the home. Vertical  and Incline.  First, vertical lifts for wheelchairs are built to move from one point to another in a straight up and down pattern.Wheelchair-Lift-Vertical

Incline Lifts For Wheelchairs

Secondly, incline lifts for wheelchairs, are built mainly for staircases that travel on an incline or slope pattern. Both of these functional for home application; however, they are not as effective as a home elevator.

Wheelchair Lifts For The Home

At PVE, we manufacture an alternative to traditional wheelchair lifts, the PVE52 an accessible home elevator for wheelchairs. It’s a popular option for vertical transportation within a home residence. This wheelchair lift elevator has the biggest of our home elevators. It provides enough room to occupy one person in a wheelchair, two people, one in a wheelchair or up to three passengers.  Firstly, the unit is a self-supporting structure. Thus, you do not have to add a frame to your home before installing it.  In addition, we can install a home elevator to make two, three or four stops.Wheelchair Elevator

Furthermore, the installation is fast. It usually takes between 2 – 3 days and does not require a large amount of construction time. Maintenance is minimal. It requires maintenance every four to five years or 15,000 rides. The cabin offers automatic LED interior lighting and a fan to make sure your rides are always convenient and comfortable.  There are many different types of lifts for wheelchairs. Only the PVE52 offers the space you need, safety you require and a design that complements your home decor.  When you or a loved one needs help getting around the house a home elevator is a great choice.  In conclusion, our home elevators are more affordable, attractive and simple!

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