home elevator vanilla ice project

Vanilla Ice Project Features Air-Driven Residential Elevators

“You can essentially put this in any house that’s already been built.”
-Vanilla Ice

home elevator vanilla ice project

As the sole manufacturer of Air-Driven Residential Elevators, Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators is proud to be featured in DIY Network’s hit series, “The Vanilla Ice Project”. Hosted by handyman and rapper Rob Van Winkle, a.k.a Vanilla Ice, the television series features him and his team remodeling homes across Florida, implementing new and exciting designs into each residence. Already in their 8th season, “The Vanilla Ice Project” has featured Vacuum Elevators in a number of their episodes, highlighting the Residential Elevators innovative design and showcasing how easy it is to install these affordable home elevators.

Below is a highlight reel showcasing their installation of these innovative Residential Elevators.

As shown in the episode, Vanilla Ice and his team have installed a PVE52, the wheelchair accessible home elevator. As the largest residential elevator powered by air, the PVE52 can hold up to 3 passengers with a 525 lb lift capacity. In addition, this affordable home elevator is the only Vacuum Elevator model that can fit a full size wheelchair with an attendant inside. Requiring no shaft, pit or machine room, Vanilla Ice and his team were able to install this wheelchair accessible home elevator in as little as 2 days without the need for harmful oils or lubricants.

residential elevator Vanilla-Ice-Project

This Balcony Mounted, 2-stop, wheelchair accessible residential elevator is self-supporting and stands as a centerpiece in the home. With its sleek design and innovative technology, this residential elevator exceeds all the requirements for a traditional home elevator while adding an exciting design element to the home. In addition, Vacuum Elevators are the only home elevators in the world powered by the most abundant resource in the world… AIR!

As featured on “The Vanilla Ice Project”, Vacuum Elevators are the most efficient and accommodating home elevators on the market. Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators looks forward to having our innovative Residential Elevators be featured on another upcoming episode of “The Vanilla Ice Project”.

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