Learn About Home Elevators

Sure, a two-story home looks beautiful from the outside, but inside it can be nearly a nightmare. If you are one of the millions of American who struggle with mobility, the stairs can be a challenge you face multiple times a day. This is why so many simply give up, and choose to either move away from the house they love or adapt their lifestyle to living on the first floor only. If you have ever contemplated just bringing your stuff downstairs and sleeping on the couch- wait! Before you let your mobility problems change your entire life, change your home instead!

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators is a nation-wide leader in the home elevator industry. Because of the technological advances we have brought forth, home elevators are well within reach of all homeowners. Yes, that means you! What if your home is small? What if you have a limited budget? What if you need to accommodate someone with a wheelchair? Yes, yes, and yes! It doesn’t matter what kind of constraints you think you have, we will work with you and get you the home elevator you need. In fact, if your mobility issue is well-documented and the result of a disease or health condition, it is quite possible that your insurance will cover it. If it does not, we can find other ways to help you with your home elevator financing.

Your residential elevator, and therefore the freedom for everyone in your home to move freely throughout the house, is just a phone call away! You can reach us by calling (305) 884-1091. If you prefer, you can fill out this simple online quote form so we know exactly what you need, and you know exactly what to expect. Our main office is located in Miami, Florida, but we have showrooms and installation crews all throughout the country. There is sure to be one near you!


If you are looking for additional information or to find the contact information of your local dealer, please email us at [email protected] or fill out our quick contact form.

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