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Home Lifts – The Sound of Silence

In an attempt to end 2020 on a high note, Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator has recently unveiled our innovative outdoor split unit machinery option for all 3 home elevator models! 

What is an home elevator outdoor split unit, you may ask?

Vacuum Elevators operate by using innovative Vacuum Technology to generate lift. The machinery for the elevator is where the turbines, air control valve and control board are housed to operate the unit. With various machinery options available for our home elevators, including placing the machinery directly on top of the unit, the outdoor split-unit machinery option allows the homeowner to place the machinery for their home elevator in an external environment.

Connected to the top of the elevator by two 4” inch PVC Pipes, The Outdoor Split-Unit machinery option allows for the machinery to be placed outside the home and will need to physically be located within 30 linear feet from the top of the elevator. With the machinery mounted externally, the control board will need to be remotely installed in a conditioned space inside the home. Place the machinery on your roof, balcony, deck or on the side of your residence with ease. 

Home Elevators Outdoor Unit Noise Reducer
Home Elevators – Outdoor Unit – Smaller

Another benefit of the Outdoor Split-Unit Machinery option is the decibel rating produced by the equipment. As with any residential elevator on the market, there is noise that is commonly generated during operation. Our outdoor split unit machinery option for the Vacuum Elevator provides a sound reduction solution that is unlike any other on the market! By remotely locating the machinery outside, the decibel rating produced while in operation is reduced to roughly 50 decibels which is as quiet or quieter than any other counterpart on the market. Just Note: noise is solely generated when the elevator is in operation. In addition, gravity is used for descent providing an even quieter ride as you smoothly move to lower levels of the home.

As with all our home elevator models, a simple 220v single phase power supply will be needed for installation and should be installed wherever that control board is located inside the home. A one-inch electrical conduit will run from the control board to the outdoor machinery location to ensure the turbines have the proper electrical feed. This will give the elevator the ability to effectively communicate to the motor assembly for a smooth operation.

Residential Elevator - Noise Reducer
Outdoor Unit – Smaller (3)

Like our standard indoor split-unit machinery application, where the machinery can be remotely located inside the home, a minimum overhead clearance of 97” is required on the upper floor for our Outdoor Split-Unit option allowing more flexibility for the homeowner. The Overhead Clearance measurement is to be taken from finished floor to finished ceiling on the top floor where the elevator is located.

Home Elevator - Noise Controller
PVE Controller

As the world’s only Air-Driven Residential Elevators, Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators are continuing to break barriers with cutting edge technology and innovative solutions that will enhance and transform any residence. Enhancing vertical mobility and finding ways to modernize the residential elevator is PVE’s goal and a mission our company continues to strive for. Available for retro-fit and new construction projects, PVE’s easy-to-install home elevators offer a panoramic design and eco-friendly operation that will elevate any homeowners standard of living while adding a conversation piece that is sure to attract guests attention and imagination.

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