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Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators LLC is the designer and manufacturer of the vacuum elevator. PVE currently manufactures three versions of its air driven residential elevators, ranging from single to a three-passenger, wheelchair-accessible home elevator. All of PVE's vacuum home lift systems are capable of up to a 35 foot (10.5m) vertical rise over as many as four stops. The unique design of the vacuum residential elevator is a perfect choice for any retrofit or new construction project and will enhance the value of one's home without the consuming footprint of a traditional home elevator. The innovative home elevator does not require any pre-construction shaft, pit, or machine room and can be installed in as little as two days. By using a vacuum pump to generate areas of higher and lower atmospheric pressure within the cylinder hoist way, the unit smoothly moves between floors while using much less energy than other home elevators.
A set of mechanical locks anchor in the elevator when it reaches each floor and the system has built-in safety mechanisms to stop free-fall in the event of a power outage, as the home elevator car slowly descends to the ground floor. PVE's patented technology is certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and proven over the course of the last ten years. PVE has a network of over 100 dealers worldwide that are fully licensed and trained in-house at our world headquarters located in Miami, FL, USA. By using only the best materials in both aesthetic quality and construction, our pneumatic vacuum elevators are an elegant addition to any home. By using atmospheric pressure instead of cables and pulleys, there are far less moving parts with the system which means less service and ultimately less money spent in the long term. The residential elevator cylinders are made of powder coated aluminum and transparent polycarbonate. The transparent polycarbonate used allows a beautiful 360° view as you are ascending or descending in your vacuum elevator. If you need a true mobility solution in your living space but have thought installing an elevator would be too expensive, difficult, or take up too much space, PVE has the solution. Whether you choose a single person model or a multi-capacity, wheelchair-accessible in home elevator, you can rest assured that PVE's industry transforming technology will provide an elegant solution to a need for mobility.

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Eco-Friendly Elevator

Eco-Friendly ElevatorThe revolutionary technology of the vacuum elevator has changed the way people and goods are being transported vertically within their homes, and furthermore, has done so in an environmentally friendly manner.

Rather than using cables or pistons, the unique residential elevator is powered by one of the most abundant resources in the world.. AIR!

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