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Residential Elevator – PVE37

For 16 years, Residential Elevators by PVE has been the Only manufacturer of Air-Driven home elevators and are the leaders in providing environmentally friendly residential elevators around the world. Founded in 2002, PVE’s innovative home lifts have been installed in homes, apartments, condo’s, penthouses, nightclubs and yachts making them one of the most versatile home elevators on the market.


With only a 37 inch outside diameter, the PVE37 residential elevator can fit inside almost any home. Able to hold up to two-passengers, with a total lift capacity of 450 lbs, the PV37 home lift requires no shaft, pit or machine room to operate, saving both time and money typically associated with traditional home elevators. The affordable home elevator simply rests on the existing ground floor and can travel up to 5 stops or 50 feet of total rise. Powered by the most abundant resource in the world, AIR, the PVE37 residential elevator requires no harmful oils or lubricants to operate, making them one of the only environmentally friendly home elevators available. In addition, these home elevators use gravity is used to descend saving even more electricity and energy.Home Elevator Design

With it’s panoramic design and 360 degree visibility, this self-supporting home lift can be installed through floor or balcony mounted giving designers and architects infinite design possibilities. These home elevators don’t need to be hidden in a closet or side room as these residential elevators quickly become a work of art inside the home. With same-side, opposite-side and 90 degree door configurations, this versatile home elevator can accommodate almost any home need while also providing a cabin folding seat option in case someone needs a seat. With the ability to fit full sized walkers as well as luggage and groceries, the PVE37 residential elevator is the ideal home lift for any residence.

With 6 different colored exterior finishes to choose from, the PVE37 home elevator can enhance your design while being a conversation piece for your home. With a stress free installation process, this affordable home lift can be installed in as little as 2-3 days, with very little effect on the existing structure of the home.

Few affordable home elevators offer as many exciting features as the PVE37, PVE’s two-passenger Air-Driven residential elevator. If you are in the market for a residential elevator, the PVE37 home lift is a great offering for your home elevator project.

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