home elevator safety


PVE is the world leader in the design and manufacture of pneumatic vacuum residential elevators. As an industry trendsetter and a technology innovator, we understand that new advances in technology always come with questions; one of the most common questions we hear about our high-tech pneumatic elevators is, “Are they safe?” We hear it at trade shows, we hear it from clients, and we hear it in our email inbox when someone is curious about our technology. The short answer is that yes, our pneumatic vacuum elevators are 100 percent safe. But here are more details that might help you better understand the basics of the design which help ensure your safety while riding our lifts:home elevator safety

Air Pressure Protection
The first safety principle comes from the way in which our residential elevators work. Because the lift effect is created by the removal of air above the lift car, there is always a pocket of air below the car. In the event that the elevator loses power, the air below the car forms a cushion that allows the car to descend safely to the ground level. Unlike a traditional elevator suspended by cables, there’s no risk of a freefall.

Emergency Backup
Despite the fact that the design of the lift ensures the car always descends safely during a power loss or other failure, we’ve added a second level of security just to be sure. All PVE elevators have a fully functional mechanical brake system in place that will stop the car in the event that the air pressure is somehow compromised. In short, each lift has several layers of safety protection designed to keep you safe.

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