Home Elevator Award AIA

AIA Continuing Education Program For Residential Elevators

As an industry leader in the residential elevator market, Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators is devoted to educating Architects and home builders around the world about our groundbreaking home elevators. One of the most effective tools in teaching architects about these innovative home lifts, is our involvement in the American Institute of Architects Continuing Education program.Residential Elevator Award AIA

Titled “An Introduction to Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators”, our marketing team travels the US educating firms across the country about the benefits and advantages of the Vacuum Elevator. Worth 1 Learning Unit for all architects and AIA member in attendance, our Lunch & Learn presentation covers the History of Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators, educates them on the differences between a PVE and traditional elevators, helps them understand the new technology of Vacuum Elevators, determines proper applications and installation requirements for a PVE and allows them to understand and apply the benefits of a PVE as it relates to sustainable design.

As more homeowners wish to age-in-place, having a home elevator in a new construction or retro-fit project is become more common. With our sleek design, panoramic view, and self-contained system, architects and home designers are seeing the infinite visual possibilities of the Vacuum Elevator. They often incorporate the elevator into the design of the home, having it be a centerpiece in the room. Whether it’s balcony mounted or a through-floor application, Architects love the flexibility of the elevator as it requires not shaft, pit or machine room to operate and easily rests on the existing ground floor.

With the ability to travel up to 5 stops, or 50 feet of total rise, there is no home too large for these innovative home elevators. With no annual maintenance required, architects rest easy knowing their clients won’t need to replace any harmful oils or lubricants. As an environmentally friendly home elevator, the Vacuum Elevator is the perfect choice for an Eco-Friendly Home Project as it only requires a 220VAC power supply to operate and is the only elevator powered by the most abundant resource in the world… AIR!

With 6 different colored exterior finishes to choose from as well as three different sized models, the Vacuum Elevator can blend into any home design while elevating the client’s standard of living. Ranging from a single passenger to a three-passenger wheelchair accessible model, the Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator is the most stylish, clean and innovative home elevator on the market

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