Why a PVE can be Installed so Quickly

One of the biggest drawbacks of traditional elevators is how long they take to be constructed. If you or a loved once have recently lost your mobility, you cannot wait weeks or months for full access of;”> your home back. This is one of the reason Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators (PVE) are increasing in popularity. These home elevators can be installed in days! Let’s look at a few reasons why.

These air-driven lifts do not require an equipment room and there is no need for a pit or well under the bottom floor or above the top floor for these elevators. Obviously, this makes them a lot easier and quicker to install. For other elevators, these additional spaces are required for the heavy operating equipment, but vacuum elevators bypass the need for anything else but space the cylinder. This not only means there is less time before it is operational in your home, but a much less costly and less messy construction project in comparison to a traditional residential elevator.

The only thing left to decide is which PVE model is right for you! The type of elevator you choose will depend on you and your household’s space and needs. Your options include:

PVE 30 Model

Vacuum Elevator
– 1 Passenger residential elevator

– 350 lbs lift capacity
– Smallest footprint of any home elevator
– External cylinder diameter: 30 inches (750mm)

PVE37 Model

Vacuum Elevator
– 2 Passenger residential elevator

– 450 lbs lift capacity
– Cabin seat (optional)
– External cylinder diameter: 37 inches (933mm)

PVE52 Model

Vacuum Elevator
– 3 Passenger residential elevator

-Wheelchair accessible
-525 lbs lift capacity
-External cylinder diameter: 52 11/16 inches (1,316mm)

If you need a safe, reliable, and attractive elevator in your home without the long construction time and cost of a traditional residential elevator, give Vacuum Elevators a call and we will get you in touch with your local authorized PVE dealer. We can be reached at (305) 884-1091.


The revolutionary technology of the vacuum elevator has changed the way people and goods are being transported vertically within their homes, and furthermore, has done so in an environmentally friendly manner.

Rather than using cables or pistons, the unique residential elevator is powered by one of the most abundant resources in the world.. AIR!

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