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Affordable Accessibility Solved.

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During our consultation, our team of accessibility experts will assist you in choosing the most suitable products and solutions that cater to your mobility requirements, household, and financial circumstances.

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Our team of technicians, who are professionally trained, licensed, and insured, ensure the secure and effective installation of your home elevator.

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With our home elevators, you can experience enhanced safety and independence within your home. We aim to provide you with a worry-free experience throughout the years, ensuring that your investment is well taken care of.

Value-Driven Home Elevators

Introduced to the elevator industry in 2002, the PVE37 is the first Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator model developed and distributed worldwide. As the ideal space saving solution, this Two­-Passenger Residential Elevator can fit virtually anywhere inside the home without the consuming footprint of traditional home elevators.

The CUBE® Features

Efficiency and Innovation: Home Elevator Features for Modern Living


    Thousands of Installations in the USA and Around the Globe


    Rests on Existing Ground Floor


    No Annual Maintenance Required


    Elegant, Square Design Offering 360° Degree Visibility


    Space-Saving Elevators Installed In As Little As 2-3 Days


    Manufactured & Safety Tested at our PVE Factory Headquarters in Miami, Florida, USA.

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Home Elevator Industry Awards Winner

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Best Supplier - Complete Elevator Systems

2020 – Runner-Up

Residential Elevator Award

Best Supplier – Complete Elevator Systems

2020 – Runner-Up

Residential Elevator Award For Home

Best Supplier – Complete Elevator Systems

2020 – Runner-Up

Best Home Technology Product

2022– Finalist

Best Home Technology Product

2023 – Finalist

The CUBE® –
the symbol for mobility and simplicity

Offering a quick & simple installation, The Cube is the ideal residential elevator for those seeking enhanced, independent living within their 2-story home. Not requiring a pre-construction shaft, pit or machine room, The Cube simply rests on the existing ground floor. The self-supporting design offers more flexibility of installation as The Cube can be placed almost anywhere inside the home. A plug & play system using a dedicated 220 volt power supply, this home elevator requires minimal maintenance as no harmful oils, gases or lubricants are utilized for operation.

The Only Square Powered By Air

Innovation takes shape as the inventors & manufactures of the Vacuum Elevator introduce the next dimension in air-driven home lifts: The Cube. Using Pneumatic Technology to generate lift, these eco-friendly home elevators operate by air-suction and gravity making The Cube the only square shaped elevator powered by air. For over 20 years, Pneumatic Technology has continued to revolutionize the way people and goods are transported vertically inside their homes. The Cube is the latest evolution in this groundbreaking technology.

Modern, Panoramic Design

Designed with a compact footprint and offering 360°-degree visibility, The Cube is built to optimize space and increase comfort. The elevators panoramic design ensures passengers (and pets) have a unique riding experience when traveling between floors. Manufactured using an aluminum frame and polycarbonate panels, this residential elevator is only 36” x 36” inches in exterior diameter ensuring minimal space is occupied within the home. Available for 2-Stop applications, each home lift is custom built to the heights of each home with 3 different exterior finishes available. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A home elevator is a device that allows people to move between floors in a residential setting, like a house or apartment. They are designed to be smaller and more aesthetically pleasing than commercial elevators.

Vacuum elevators use air pressure to lift and lower the cab. A vacuum is created at the top of the shaft, and the cab is lifted as the air is removed. To descend, air is slowly let back into the cylinder, gently lowering the cab to the desired floor.


Vacuum elevators have several benefits over traditional elevators, including:

No need for a machine room or pit, making them easier to install
Lower maintenance requirements
Quieter operation
Energy-efficient, using less electricity than hydraulic elevators
Smooth, comfortable ride

Yes, vacuum elevators are safe for home use. They comply with safety standards and are equipped with multiple safety features, including emergency brakes and backup power.

The cost of a vacuum elevator varies depending on factors like the number of floors, the weight capacity, and the customization options chosen. However, they are often less expensive than traditional elevators, particularly when retrofitting an existing home.

Yes, there are several options for financial assistance, including health insurance, grant programs, and financing. It’s best to consult with a reputable elevator provider like Nationwide Lifts to discuss your options.

Yes, vacuum elevators are an excellent option for older individuals who have difficulty navigating stairs. They are easy to use and require minimal physical effort, making them an ideal choice for those with mobility issues.

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