home elevator why choose a vacuum air elevator


When it comes to residential elevators, you definitely have options. There are dozens of elevator manufacturers out there ready to sell a variety of elevator types, sizes, and designs. Vacuum elevators are a relatively new innovation, however, and you might not be aware of their many perks and advantages when searching through options.home elevator why choose a vacuum air elevator

Here’s a quick glance at why vacuum elevators are set to become the new standard in residential elevators:

Sleek and Small

Vacuum elevators can be as small as 30 inches in diameter and are designed with a slick, futuristic aesthetic. A vacuum elevator not only looks good in any home, it takes up minimal space and allows you to keep the visual appeal of the room in which you place it. Our vacuum elevators offer 360-degree panoramic views.

Energy Efficient

Vacuum elevators use only a fraction of the energy of traditional lifts. No energy is used on descent (air pressure handles this), and the turbines that power ascent are designed to be efficient and reliable. Shoppers often underestimate the added energy costs associated with a traditional heavy elevator.

Value and Price

Vacuum elevators require little construction work and do not need a separate machine room. They also need very little maintenance (once every 5 years or 15,000 lifts) and increase the resale value of your home. A vacuum elevator is a sharp investment compared to a traditional residential elevator, which can cost much more in the long run with fewer advantages.

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