Wheelchair Stair Lifts vs Residential Elevators elevator lifts for homes

Wheelchair Stair Lifts vs Residential Elevators. What’s the difference?

What are wheelchair stair lifts?

Wheelchair stair lifts are transport devices; accordingly, these devices transport people between floors of a home. Thus, these devices allow people to continue living autonomously in their homes. First, an individual moves onto a platform of a Wheelchair Stair Liftswheelchair stair lift; consequently, they allow easy access to those who have trouble moving with their legs. There are many different types. In conclusion, these can divided into four main categories.

Types of Wheelchair Stair Lifts

1. Inclined Stair Lifts

Typical installations include: residential, commercial, schools and religious structures, moreover, these are made for indoor or outdoor applications. Generally speaking, you can think of a incline lift like a snow lift going up an incline of a mountain. They’re a combination of a vertical lift and a stair lift. They usually travel along a rail system which enables them to be able to twist and turn.

2. Vertical Stair Lifts

Furthermore, vertical stair lifts are most commonly installed in the home. They travel up and down, vertically. Occasionally, they are installed outside to access a porch area.

Vertical Wheelchair Stair Lift3. Portable Wheelchair Lifts

Portable wheelchair lifts are useful for event-driven locations.

4. Portable Vertical Lifts

Portable Vertical Lifts are a combination of vertical lifts that are portable.

Residential Elevators

To conclude, for wheelchair mobility, a residential elevator may be the right fit for you. For this reason, a very popular choice is our PVE52 Home Elevator. Consequently, a main differences between a PVE home elevator and a wheelchair stair lift; include, aesthetics and functionality. In contrast to a wheelchair stair lift, the PVE home elevator does not need any pre-construction shaft, pit or machine room. In conclusion, a residential elevator makes an ideal fit for any retro or new construction project.

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