Wheelchair Accessible Home Elevators

Living your life in a wheelchair is not easy, it is as simple as that. Doing just about anything becomes more difficult once you are wheelchair bound, from getting in the car to grocery shopping to eating at a restaurant. The one place you should be able to enjoy total ease is your home. For many homeowners, this just isn’t the case. We want to change that! If your current house does not have a wheelchair accessible lift to bring you upstairs and back down, make today the day you look into Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators’ residential options.

First, you need to know about the revolutionary type of elevator known as a Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator, or PVE. These are air driven, and do not require electricity to move between floors. It is the same technology used at the bank drive through. This advancement has made having a home elevator easy and affordable for everyone! For those in your situation, we developed the PVE52 model.

The model name for this elevator comes from its external cylinder diameter of 52 11/16 inches. Inside the unit measures a roomy 43 1/2 inches in diameter. This space provides plenty of room for a person in a wheelchair with an attendant or for up to three adults to stand in comfort. The cabin height is 6′ 7″, which is more than tall enough to provide adequate headroom for most people.

This self-supporting structure can be placed anywhere in your home and carry either three people or someone in a wheelchair between two and five floors. It travels 20 feet a minute, without noise and without any sudden jolts. You will be safe and comfortable the entire time. Best of all, it offers a panoramic view while you are moving upstairs; you aren’t stuck in a metal box! Of course, there is a mechanical emergency safety brake system inside the elevator should an unforeseen situation occur. Should a power outage occur, the vacuum lift safely descends to the lowest level and the mechanical door lock enables the passenger to exit, preventing passengers from getting stuck. As well, the cabin is equipped with an LED light and a cabin fan that circulates the ambient air throughout the elevator car. You’ll be riding up in style and comfort!

Don’t allow being wheelchair bound to limit your mobility in your very own home. The PVE52 makes it possible for you to go upstairs to your bedroom and back down to the kitchen for a snack, all on your own! Reach out to Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators today at 305-884-1091 for more information. We have showrooms located all across the country and we can help you get in touch with your local authorized PVE dealer.


If you are looking for additional information or to find the contact information of your local dealer, please email us at [email protected] or fill out our quick contact form.

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