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Tis the Season for Home Elevators!

This holiday season, ensuring your family is safe and secure in the comforts of your home is paramount. During these uncertain times in 2020, homeowners have found oasis in their residences and taken the opportunity to enhance their properties and standard of living. With family and loved ones arriving from out of town for the holidays, gaining additional accessibility to the upper floors of your home has become a greater priority than ever before. With various mobility solutions available, it can be difficult for homeowners to decide which solution is right for their property and needs.

As the most innovative residential elevator on the market, home elevators by PVE elevate your standard of living while requiring much less space and energy than traditional home lifts. That makes these eco-friendly lifts the best holiday gift of 2020!

Designed as space-saving solutions for any homes, Vacuum elevators are available in 3 sizes ranging from a single passenger, to a Three-passenger wheelchair accessible model. Our PVE30 Vacuum Elevator model is the ideal space-saving home elevator on the market with only 30” inches in total exterior diameter. That makes the PVE30 model the world’s smallest, fully certified home elevator. Our two-passenger model, the PVE37, is the original home elevator by PVE developed in 2002 and is PVE’s most popular elevator solution worldwide. If you are handicap and in need of a wheelchair accessible lift, the PVE52 is the solution for your needs with a total lift capacity of 525 lbs. and large enough to fit a full sized wheelchair, as well as an attendant inside.

In addition, PVE home elevators run on mechanics that are self-contained within the system. Requiring a 220-volt power supply to operate, these easy-to-install home lifts are simply plugged into the wall and do not operate using any harmful oils, gases, or lubricants. Without any annual maintenance requirements, per their international certifications, Vacuum Elevators should be serviced every 5 years or 15,000 lifts which is drastically less than traditional residential elevators. In addition, home elevator by PVE are manufactured in Miami, Florida, USA ensuring the highest quality manufacturing and production standards.

With the holidays around the corner, buy yourself a gift that keeps on giving by installing a home elevator by PVE in your home today! Contact PVE directly to learn more about pricing information and local support in your area before the new year approaches!

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