Beauty Residential Elevators

The Beauty In Residential Elevators By PVE

Beauty Residential Elevators

Enhance your homes aesthetics, and increase the quality of life, by installing a house elevator in your renovation project or your new build. With their sleek designs and innovative technologies, PVE-produced home elevators are a handsome addition to any home, allowing homeowners additional access to their upper floors. Custom-built for each projects height from floor to floor, these easily installed elevators are manufactured in Miami, Florida, U.S., which ensures that every elevator produced meets strict quality and safety standards. Celebrating 20+ years in the market, these modern house elevators are the only lifts in the world powered by the most plentiful resource in the world, air!. . With successful installations in more than 90+ countries worldwide, homeowners around the globe have adopted pneumatic technology as an ideal lift solution for their home projects.

Home Elevators For Use Worldwide

Home Elevators Worldwide

As the only air-powered residential elevators in the world, these environmentally-friendly lifts require little maintenance, and do not use any harmful oils, gases, or lubricants to operate. A plug-and-play system that requires a single-phase, 220-volt, 25-35-amp electrical supply, these home elevators simply plug into the wall, sitting on your existing first floor. Unlike conventional elevators, there is no need for pre-construction shafts, pits, or mechanical rooms. The unique construction of these in-home lifts gives homeowners much greater flexibility for installation, since they can be installed nearly anywhere inside a house. Designed as a space-saving solution to home lifts for residential applications, these fully certified elevators come in three different models.

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Whether your space is tight or requires accessibility to a wheelchair, there is a home elevator that will fit the needs of your design. As the smallest home lift in the world, the PVE30 is a single-passenger lift that has an overall external diameter of 30 inches. Introduced into the elevator industry in 2002, the PVE37 is Airs first powered elevator, and is its most popular model worldwide.With an overall external diameter of 37 inches, this home elevator is rated to hold up to 2 passengers or 450 pounds, saving you interior space. If accessibility to wheelchairs is a need, PVE52 is an ideal lift for your needs. The largest lift in the family using pneumatic technology, the PVE52 is designed to hold most full-sized wheelchairs, plus one attendant on board. With total lifting capability of 525 pounds, this wheelchair lift has a load carrying capacity of up to three passengers, and has less pre-construction requirements compared with conventional elevators on the market.

Beautifully Designed Residential Lifts

Beautiful Residential Lifts

With a panoramic design offering 360-degree views during travel, these home elevators will complement and enhance any homes interior design. As a piece of conversation, these elevators function almost like a sculpture within the walls of your house, and they will catch the eye of every visitor who sets foot in your home. With an impressive fabrication that is different from every other elevator system on the market, these sleek house elevators use pneumatic technology, where the difference in atmospheric pressure elevates you to your desired height. With more than 550 licensed distributors around the world, PVE partners with all of our trained and licensed dealers to provide you with the best quality installations and services for your projects. If you are actively looking for a home elevator for your project, get in touch with us today to find the closest distributor to your project.

Residential Elevator Frequently Asked Questions

What is the highest ride height that you can achieve with a home elevator that uses an air ride system?

Capable of traveling up to 5 stops, or a total of 50 feet of elevation gain, these residential lifts continue to revolutionize how people and goods are transported vertically within your home. If you are actively looking for a home elevator for your project, get in touch with us today to find the closest distributor to your project.

Is the PVE-built residential elevator made out of glass?

While PVEs residential elevators are panoramic, they are manufactured using polycarbonate panels, not manufactured using glass. Polycarbonate panels are far lighter and stronger than glass panels, and have impact resistance that is about 200 times stronger than glass. Each one of the panels in an elevator is replaceable if the panel is damaged, scratched, etc.

How much space is needed for residential elevators?

PVEs Self-Supporting Home Elevators need the smallest amount of space and building required for home elevator installation. Requirements will vary depending upon which vacuum lift model is chosen and what kind of application is being performed. With three models available, each model of the Vacuum Elevator has different external diameters.
There are 2 types of applications for installing a Vacuum Elevator: in-floor applications and balcony mounting applications. For a through-floor application, in which the elevator would be traveling through the floor, the hole in the through-floor must be 2″ larger than the outside diameter of the elevator. For Balcony-mounted applications, the clearance needs to be sufficient to fit the outside diameter of the elevator, and usually, there needs to be an overhang built for easy access on top floors.

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Celebrating 20 years in business, Home Elevators by PVE have over 550 authorized distributors worldwide with over 20,000 successful installation globally. When it comes to retrofitting a lift inside an existing residence, the home elevators produced by PVE are second to none. Contact us today to locate the closest authorized dealer to your residence and received a free in-home consultation to see if these elevators are right for your project and needs!

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