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PVE is the inventor and exclusive manufacturer of pneumatic vacuum elevators. Our innovative lifts use cutting-edge technology combined with beautiful aesthetics to provide efficient, attractive, safe, functional, and flexible vertical mobility solutions. We’re proud of the work we do, and we love showing it off to dealers and customers alike. Our 20,000 square foot factory, located in Miami, FL, is the beating heart of our operation and the home to both our corporate HQ and our manufacturing processes.home elevators miami

We think of this facility as the birthplace of the pneumatic vacuum home elevator. It’s from this location that all of our elevators ship, and from here that we work to innovate on and grow the home elevator marketplace. PVE is constantly working to provide solutions to the problems faced by our customers — our lifts are customizable in terms of stops, heights, and can even be placed in small homes or boats.

If you’d like to see the construction process in action, we’d love to have you come by for a tour. Contact us directly (305-884-1091) to schedule a tour of our facilities. These tours are open to anyone, as long as you’re in the Miami area and can find time to stop by. We can never get enough of talking about our elevators and the effort that goes into making them!residential elevator miami

PVE is the designer and manufacturer of the only vacuum elevator in the world. Founded in Miami in 2002, we provide three different models of elevator ranging in size from single-occupant to three passengers/wheelchair accessible. It’s all about finding solutions that work for you. We believe in engineering high-quality, durable products that leave you feeling safe and secure and operate for decades with minimal maintenance.

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