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Residential Elevators and Grandparents Day 2022

Residential Elevators by PVE would like to show our appreciation toward very meaningful people in our lives, our grandparents. On Sunday September 11th, 2022, we celebrate National Grandparents Day. According to the website grandparentsday.org, National Grandparents day is a contribution of two devoted individuals, Jacob Reingold and Marian McQuade.

In the early 1970’s McQuade began a movement to create a exclusive day for grandparents. Her work proved worthwhile. Just three years later, the first Grandparents Day was proclaimed in West Virginia.

Wheelchair Elevator

As advances in technology and medicine have allowed our grandparents to live longer and more fulfilling lives, it is often the obligation of loved ones and relatives to assist Grandparents who may develop disabilities over time. With nursing homes becoming less of a feasible option due to safety concerns, having parents and grandparents move into ones home is more common than ever. Often peoples residences are not equipped with additional accessibility to the upper levels to aid those in need which can prove to be an obstacle.

Thankfully, Residential Elevators by PVE have become the ideal retro-fit solution for those seeking additional accessibility in their homes. With no shaft, pit or machine room required, these innovative residential elevators simply rest on the existing ground floor allowing a lot more flexibility with were they can be installed in a residence. As a self-supporting, plug & play system, these residential elevators can be installed in as little as 2-3 days while not affecting the structural integrity of the home. Custom built to the height of the home, these panoramic home elevators offer 360 degree visibility while traveling up to 5 stops or 50 feet in total rise providing a unique riding experience not found in traditional elevators. With it’s circular design and pneumatic technology, these air-driven residential elevators will elevate your standard of living while enhancing the design and value of your home.

With 3 models to choose from, ranging from a single passenger, to a three passenger wheelchair accessible model, there is an air-driven home elevator to meet your space requirements and needs. Our PVE30 Vacuum Elevator model is the ideal space saving solution, with a total exterior diameter of 30 inches and the ability to transport up to 1 passenger or 350 lbs. It is safe to say the PVE30 Vacuum Elevator is the world’s smallest fully certified home elevator on the market. Our PVE37 Vacuum Elevator model is our oldest and most popular Vacuum Elevator with a total exterior diameter of 37” inches and the ability to transport up to 2 passengers or 450 lbs. The PVE37 home elevator also offers the ability to install a cabin folding seat as well as a handle inside which provides a comfortable experience while smoothly traveling between floors. If you are in need of a wheelchair accessible home elevator, our PVE52 residential elevator is the right addition to meet your needs. With a total exterior diameter of 52” 11/16 inches and a 525 lb lift capacity, the PVE52 can transport up to 3 passengers or a full size wheelchair as well as an attendant pushing them inside.

When accommodating our loved ones, parents and grandparents, safety is paramount and one of the most important aspects when choosing your home elevator. Thankfully, Vacuum Elevators are fully certified residential elevators that always have safety in mind. Fully certified by the American Academy of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Vacuum Elevators are permitted and approved in all 50 states of the US and in 90+ countries globally. Available since 2002, these innovative home elevator have 18 years of tried and tests history solidifying their place as one of the safest residential elevators on the market. Unique to the elevator industry, every Vacuum Elevator is pre-assembled and go through a full safety test at our PVE Factory testing bay prior to shipping. This is unique in the elevator market as we pre-assemble the elevator to size and run a full day of safety testing to ensure all the locks, breaks, motors and components for your Vacuum Elevator are operating at full capacity. We then disassemble the elevator and ship it to the authorized dealer once the safety standard have been met and confirmed.

As we celebrate National Grandparents Day on September 11th 2022, keep your loved ones safe and secure with a Vacuum Elevator. Fill out an Information Request form to find out how you can purchase an Air-Driven Home Elevator TODAY!

Residential Elevators by PVE Frequently Asked Questions

What is the highest in travel you can go with a residential elevator by PVE?

Custom built to the height of the home, Residential Elevators by PVE can travel up to 5 stops or 50 feet (15 m) in total rise

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