Residential Vacuum Elevators in New Hampshire

If  you  are  in  need  of  a  home  elevator  installed  in  New  Hampshire,  Pneumatic  Vacuum Elevators  is  the  company  to  call! We  are  the  designer  and  manufacturer  of  air-driven residential  elevators,  engineered  to  deliver  maximum  energy  efficiency  and  provide  the smallest  footprint  of  any  residential  elevator  on  the  market.  Awarded  with  the  ASME safety  certification  and  fully  loaded  with  all  kinds  of  advantages  over  traditional  home elevators, our Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators are everything your house needs to enhance your quality of living.

3 Models To Choose From

When shopping for a home elevator in New Hampshire, PVE offers three different models to satisfy your individual needs. Their main differences are based in cylinder diameter and lift  capacities,  with  the PVE52  being  wheelchair  accessible.  Our  elevators  are  designed  to agree with all home architectures, which tend to be somewhat diverse in New Hampshire.

PVE 30 Model

Vacuum Elevator PVE30
Single Passenger Residential Elevator

PVE37 Model

Vacuum Elevator PVE37
Two Passenger Residential Elevator

PVE52 Model

Vacuum Elevator PVE52
Three Passenger Residential Elevator
Wheelchair Accessible

Why PVE Elevators

As mentioned before, Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators have many benefits and feature not found in traditional elevators. Our company has worked hard to design and craft an innovative product that enhance people’s lives. When choosing our vacuum elevators, you receive:

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  • Quick Installation: As little as 2 days
  • No pit excavation or machine room required
  • Cost-effective product and service
  • Eco-friendly elevator. GO GREEN!
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Automatic descent in the event of power failure
  • Absolute SAFETY! ASME Certified


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Do you have any questions about our vacuum elevators in New Hampshire? Would you like to talk to someone who can tell you everything you want to know? If so, please feel free to fill out our\ contact form on this page or to give us a call to day at  1-855-PVE-LIFT Our specialists are always more than happy to start working with you TODAY!

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