Home Elevator design appeal


One of the toughest aspects of adding an elevator to your home is dealing with the aesthetic repercussions of installing a traditional shaft-based solution or stair lift. Most elevators are designed with functionality as the primary focus, meaning traditional home elevator solutions leave a lot to be desired in the aesthetics department.Home Elevator design appeal

PVE’s pneumatic vacuum home elevator solutions are different. Thanks to innovative design and cutting-edge technology, our lifts offer attractive and striking visual appeal in addition to the basic functions of moving people from one level of your home to another. Here’s how:

No Heavy Equipment
Everything required to raise and lower the car in a pneumatic elevator is contained in the elevator shaft. This means there are no pulleys, wires, cables, or weights to conceal. With no heavy equipment running in the background, our elevators take up only as much space as the lift car requires. This makes them exceptionally flexible in terms of placement.

Wide Angle Views
Because there’s no need for heavy equipment, our elevators feature near 360-degree views from inside the lift. Light into your home isn’t blocked by one of our home elevators; installing a pneumatic vacuum elevator will not result in your room looking dark, ugly, or crowded. The clean look of our vacuum elevators makes them a perfect fit for classic and modern homes alike.

Flexible Solutions
We offer three different sizes of home elevator to ensure you only end up with the lift you need. Additionally, our pneumatic home elevators are customizable with the capability of making up to four stops over a 35-foot rise. PVE’s home elevator solutions are flexible enough for any residential application.

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