Limited Mobility: is Moving your Only Option?

For some people, there comes a time when walking upstairs inside their own home becomes too much of a burden. When each step is more painful than the last, it causes stress to your ligaments or past injuries. What solutions do you have? What ultimatum is there besides moving to a new home?

Since 2002, PVE elevators have helped thousands around the world gain accessibility within their homes.

As the solution for anyone in need of home mobility, these residential elevators allow people the luxury of remaining in their homes without a stressful and time consuming construction process. Ideal for new construction or retro-fit projects, PVE home elevators can be installed anywhere in your home in as little as one to three days, requiring no additional support or excavation below the elevator. It simply rests on the existing floor.

With one to three passenger options available, including one that’s wheelchair accessible, PVE Elevators are the ideal alternative to a stair-lift or traditional elevator while occupying a nominal footprint within one’s home.  Balcony mounted options are also available making them ideal for any multi-level condos, lofts or townhouses.

With their low energy consumption, PVE elevators are the only plug and play home elevators in the world. No harmful oil or lubricants are required, making them one of the only environmentally-friendly home elevators in the world.

Their unique design and 360 degree visibility provide a great addition to the interior design of one’s home. With a variety of color options to choose from, PVE elevators can blend beautifully into any home while also providing an exciting conversation piece for any guest.

So, is moving the only option? No! As an affordable, unique and stress free alternative, a PVE elevator is your ideal solution. With fully-certified technology and 14+ years of experience, we can elevate your standard of living.


  • I thoroughly enjoy riding in my PVE elevator as its extremely comfortable… I would unhesitatingly, recommend it to people who are confined to a wheelchair like myself, to me it's that good and reliable!


  • My house was built in 1925 and it was hard to get something to fit in with the décor of my home, but the PVE fit in perfectly. I am thrilled with the design, engineering, and reliability of the vacuum elevator.



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