Energy Efficient Home Elevators

As any homeowner knows, energy is one of the most consistently expensive elements of keeping a house running smoothly. Energy powers the air conditioner, the heater, the fridge, the garage door, and every other appliance big and small; many homes spend more on energy every year than they spend on groceries or on homeowner’s insurance. If you’re considering the installation of a home elevator, it’s important to think through the additional energy costs such equipment can represent.

With a traditional elevator that relies on counter-weights and pulleys, energy is expended every time the lift moves. It takes quite a bit of energy to move all of those heavy parts, and that energy is required whether the lift is moving up or down. PVE, however, has developed a far more energy efficient solution: pneumatic vacuum elevators. Our machines are not only smaller and more aesthetically pleasing than traditional home elevators, but powered by cutting-edge technology that ensures they use as little energy as possible.

Here’s why: With a pneumatic vacuum home elevator, energy is used only when the lift ascends. Because everything is controlled by air pressure, very little energy is required to lower the lift; it descends on a cushion of air rather than on mechanical force. It also requires less energy to raise our lifts, as they are made from lighter materials than most traditional lifts without weights or pulleys. Overall, a pneumatic vacuum elevator can be expected to draw far less energy than a traditional lift solution.


  • I thoroughly enjoy riding in my PVE elevator as its extremely comfortable… I would unhesitatingly, recommend it to people who are confined to a wheelchair like myself, to me it's that good and reliable!


  • My house was built in 1925 and it was hard to get something to fit in with the décor of my home, but the PVE fit in perfectly. I am thrilled with the design, engineering, and reliability of the vacuum elevator.



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