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Residential Vacuum Elevators in California

The Future Of Home Elevators Has Arrived. Go Green with the Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator, a new, state-of-the art air driven home elevator now available in California. With it’s one of a kind design and technology, improve your standard of living and decrease installation time with these elegant home elevators. Having minimal maintenance requirements and a fully tested ASME safety certification, learn more to see why the Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator is the most attractive option for your home in California. 

As an International Residential Elevator Company, Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators are the world-class leaders in engineering pneumatic home elevators and lifts, with over 8,000 units installed to date in over 65 different countries.

Our Home Elevators In California:

Our residential vacuum elevators have all the features you need. Based on your home’s architecture, available space and needed weight capacity, we offer 3 different elevator models:


Vacuum Elevator

- 1 Passenger residential elevator
- 350 lbs lift capacity
- Smallest footprint of any home elevator
- External cylinder diameter: 30 inches (750mm)

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Vacuum Elevator

- 2 Passenger residential elevator
- 450 lbs lift capacity
- Cabin seat (optional)
- External cylinder diameter: 37 inches (933mm)

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Vacuum Elevator

- 3 Passenger residential elevator
- Wheelchair accessible
- 525 lbs lift capacity
- External cylinder diameter: 52 11/16 inches (1,316mm)

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Key Elevator Features:

Our California home elevators are manufactured with state-of-the-art technology, and offer several benefits that you won’t find anywhere else. Some of these features are:

  • Quick Installation: As little as 2 days
  • Absolute SAFETY! ASME Certified
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Eco-friendly engineering. Go GREEN!
  • No pit excavation or machine room required
  • Cost-effective elevator installation
  • Automatic descent in the event of power failure

Request More Information Now!

If you’re wondering what the cost of a home elevator in California is, contact our trusted PVE specialists so we can provide you all the details customized to fit your need. Our staff is always happy to assist and answer any questions needed about our products. Fill out the contact form below or give us a call now at 1-855-PVE-LIFT

Areas We Serve In California:

These are just some of the cities in California that we serve and where we have already installed our residential vacuum elevators:

  • Rancho Santa Fe, CA
  • Newport Beach, CA
  • Santa Barbara, CA
  • Atherton, CA
  • Santa Monica, CA
  • Los Altos, CA
  • Ross, CA
  • Portola Valley, CA
  • Beverly Hills, CA
  • Corona Del Mar, CA
  • Diablo, CA
  • Woodside, CA
  • Hidden Hills, CA
  • Belvedere, CA
  • San Diego, CA
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Malibu, CA
  • Hillsborough, CA
If you are looking for additional information or to find the contact information of your local dealer, please email us at or fill out our quick contact form.


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