Air Driven Home Elevators in Los Angeles

Forget everything you thought you knew about home elevators! While a home elevator may seem like something only in the home of movie stars living in Hollywood, they’re actually much more common than you think. New, environmentally-friendly, state-of-the-art residential lifts can help you and your family members move between floors with ease. With innovations in the industry by the leaders at Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators, residential air-driven elevators are becoming an increasingly practical addition to a house. Your life could be simplified exponentially! If you chose a home elevator, installed by Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators, you can enjoy the luxury of a home elevator without all the hassles of traditional elevators.

You don’t need a lot of room in your home for one of our vacuum home elevators. Our lifts do not require an equipment room and there is no need for a pit/well under the bottom floor or above the top floor for these elevators. This not only means a smaller footprint in your home but a much less costly and less messy construction project in comparison to a traditional residential elevator. Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators offers three air driven home elevator models: PVE30, PVE37, and PVE52:

Call us today and don’t suffer another day longer from limited mobility in your own home in Los Angeles! Contact Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how possible it is to install an air driven elevator in your home. In fact, you can have a brand new elevator installed in your home in just three days! Call us at 1-855-PVE-LIFT or email for more information. We can provide you with an estimate regarding your exact specification needs, and a time frame on how soon you can be moving freely between floors.

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