5 Reasons for Installing a Pneumatic Home Elevator in Your Residence

In the past, home elevators were usually regarded as luxury products for the rich. However, in recent years things have changed greatly. As the cost of home elevators have fallen, the idea of installing one in your family home may have crossed your mind. In this article, we share some of the benefits of a home elevator.

Increased mobility

First and foremost, improved mobility is the most obvious benefit from installing an elevator in your residence. Disabled and elderly family members will enjoy a much better quality of life while visitors will appreciate the added convenience.

More efficient use of space

Compared to a stairwell, an elevator represents more efficient usage of available space. You will be able to use this increased space as you see fit, thereby improving the overall utility of your home.


It is an unfortunate reality that falls from stairs represent a major cause of accidents at home, particularly among the more frail members of society. The simple fact is that there is virtually no risk involved using a home elevator; specifically a pneumatic vacuum elevator, the revolutionary home elevator that anyone of any age can safely use and operate.

Allows you to stay independent

As you get older, you may find yourself less mobile and weaker than you had expected to be. Installing a vacuum elevator will allow one to maintain his or her independence well into their old age. A wise investment indeed!

Value-adding for prospective house buyers

Many buyers will be impressed with a pre-installed elevator in a house they are considering. There is no doubt that a home elevator adds value to the price of your home.


  • I thoroughly enjoy riding in my PVE elevator as its extremely comfortable… I would unhesitatingly, recommend it to people who are confined to a wheelchair like myself, to me it's that good and reliable!


  • My house was built in 1925 and it was hard to get something to fit in with the décor of my home, but the PVE fit in perfectly. I am thrilled with the design, engineering, and reliability of the vacuum elevator.



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